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What Is Gynecomastia?

Gyne = Female Like & Mastia = Breast
Gynecomastia is the term used for abnormal enlarged male breast. It is a common condition and affects more than 40% of the males. Male breast correction surgery is the way out to get rid of the fatty tissues/glands and get a flat and masculine chest. It is a keyhole surgery and thus leave minimal scar and that too gets fade away with the passage of time. The results of gynecomastia are permanent.

Dr. VD Singh

  • M.S. M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
  • 35+ Years of Experience
  • More than 12,000 Surgeries
  • Chief Plastic Surgeon at VM Plastic Surgery Centre

Gynecomastia Surgery

  • Takes 1-2 hours
  • Under General Anesthesia
  • Day Care Procedure
  • Compression Garment
  • Post-Op Follow Up

Nominal Cost

  • Giving You Value for Money
  • 70,000 - 85,000/-

Dr. VD Singh

MBBS, MS, MCh - Plastic Surgery
(All Degrees are board certified by Indian Medical Council)

Dr. VD Singh, born on 1st September 1954, is the chief consultant at the VM Plastic Surgery Center. He is a medical graduate fromthe prestigious Govt. Medical College and VJ hospital, Amritsar, India and did his post graduation (MS) with honours in general surgery from the same institution under the able guidance of an eminent surgeon, Professor BS Tung, former State Director Research & Medical Education. Dr. VD Singh had his further training in plastic surgery and did superspecialization MCh under Professor RS Thind, former president of the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India and amongst the senior teachers in the country. Dr. VD Singh has successfully performed more than five thousand operations during his surgical carrier spanning over twenty years.


Chief consultant plastic surgeon, VM Plastic Surgery Center, Chandigarh.

Visiting plastic surgeon:

- Saraswati Surgical Laser Center, Jalandhar.
- Khosla Hospital, Jalandhar.
- Silver Oaks, Multispeciality Hospital, Mohali.
- Cheema Medical Centre, Mohali.
- Chakrawarty, Nursing Home, Panchkula.
- Landmark Hospital, Chandigarh

About the Centre

VM Plastic Surgery Center is the first center that provides exclusive facilities for plastic surgery including cosmetic surgery in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh.

Emphasis is given to now popular concept of 'day surgery ' where patients are sent home following surgery on the same day. This not only cuts down the expenditure but also allows the patient to feel comfortable in his own place amongst his family members.

By providing class treatment at very nominal cost to all categories of patients this center is popular both with rich and the poor.

Dr. VD Singh, chief consultant at this center is a senior plastic surgeon who has successfully performed more than8000 surgeries over the span of 30 years.

This center also provides services of a clinical psychologist who if required, helps by counseling and also undertakes psychological evaluation of cases.

15,000 +

Cases Done

1,07,987 +

Converting concerns into Smiles

19870 +

Hours Spent in OT

Problem, Symptoms & Causes of Male Breast or Moobs

Problems & Symptoms of Gynecomastia

During puberty and early adolescence there is abnormal collection of fat and glandular fibro-fatty tissue under the nipples and surrounding region. This makes breasts look larger than normal.

- Enlarged breasts are the commonest symptoms. This can become embarrassing for young males especially at the swimming, gym and other activities requiring removal of shirts. Most males with enlarged breasts avoid wearing T-shirts and other tight clothing for social reasons.
- Some also have pain and over sensitivity of nipples.
- Mental tension and inability to concentrate on studies.
- Postural problems like walking with forward droop.

Causes of Male Breast Enlargement or Gynecomastia

- Hormonal disturbance during early puberty.
- Some drugs and medicines.
- Obesity Increase in fat leads to Pseudo Gynecomastia.
- Rarely disease or tumours of testes, liver, kidney.
- Familial: known to run in families.

Grades of Gynecomastia

Grade I

Small enlargement without skin excess

Grade II

Moderate enlargement without skin excess / with minor skin excess

Grade III

Marked enlargement with excess skin, mimicking female breast ptosis


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Treatment Cost


Cost of Gynecomastia/male breast reduction surgery depends on various factors like grade of gynecomastia, technique to be used, plastic surgeon's expertise and experience etc.

Here are some guidelines which one should take into consideration while choosing the surgeon for Gynecomastia in Chandigarh.

1). The procedure should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon by Indian Medical Council.
2). Years of Experience of the surgeon
3). Number of surgeries performed
4). Technique used for the treatment
5). Their series of results.
6). Awards & Recoginisations.
7). Clinic equipped with the services for handling emergencies.


Getting Consultation

If you are suffering from Gynecomastia and are planning to get the gynecomastia correction procedure done, you can visit Dr. VD Singh who one among the senior most plastic surgeon Plastic Surgeon in Tricity.
Before getting the surgery done it is very important to clear all your doubts and concerns you have and the results expected in your case with the plastic surgeon.
During consultation Dr. VD Singh will examine you himself, will let you know the course of action, clearify your doubts, will share the expectated results and once you are satisfied, will book you for the procedure by giving you the date for surgery.